Discord Auctions

The format to Create an Auction is…
A: Prefix/Major/Minor/Gear {lvl if not max} {if armor, req: armor piece, type} @ {Starting Value}


A: Bloodied/Explosive/Handmade lvl 35 @ 10k

If done correctly, you will then be asked how long you would like to set your auction for.

Note: Don’t use any slashes if you’re submitting a non-legendary item! This works just like a price check request + a Starting Value

More info + abbreviations here:
Price Check Info
Legendary Abbreviations

How to Bid

React to an Auction Embed in the #cap-auctions channel to bid.

Note: You can only cancel a bid once every 4 minutes. A bid can’t be canceled 10 minutes after it’s made nor 30 minutes before the auction ends.

Auction Commands (to be posted in #auction-house)

!end {Auction ID} Ends your auction if it hasn’t received any bids | Usage !end 1574800696

• !myauctions – Check your Active Auctions | Usage !mya or !myauctions

!mybids – Check your Active Bids | Usage !myb or !mybids

• !mywins {time value}Shows all auctions you’ve won since your given time | Usage !myw 8d 12h 28m or !mywins 20d

• !mybidders {Auction ID}Incrementally reveals all unique bidders. 2nd highest bidder is revealed after 3 hours, 3rd after 6, and all after 9. | Usage !mybrs 1574800696 or !mybidders 1574800696

• !ahelp links to this page!

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