What are the Rules?

How do I get Email Notifications for New Comments on my Posts?

See video. This was done in an effort to reduce spam for all comments made on your post. You must now manually subscribe to your posts. Please note: you automatically subscribe to comment replies, and you can subscribe to others’ posts. You automatically receive email notifications for messages sent to you through “Contact Seller"

How do I close out a Trade? How do I review someone?

There are two review types: buyer and seller.

Once you take interest in a listing, you need to message the seller through that post. Once the seller responds to your message, and there is enough evidence a trade took place, you will be able to review the seller and they will be able to review you as a buyer.

When users visit your profile, they will be able to see your overall review, and a complete list of your reviews and ability to filter by type.

Once you post a review, it cannot be changed. Also, you have the option to respond to a review. If someone has wrongfully reviewed you, please send a direct message to the Marketron bot on discord

Once a trade/auction is complete, the author of the post should edit his post and mark it as “sold"; there is a checkbox at the top of the edit form, which will close out the post. Contact an admin if you did this on accident, or want to view the post again

How do I end an Auction early? How do I check who won?

To end an auction early, go to your profile>your items> and then select “Edit" to the right of the item details. On the bottom right corner of the “Edit Item" page, there is a button to “See Bidding History." This is coincidentally how you check who won an auction that ended.

From here, you can message the highest current trader if you are satisfied with the given price. NOTE: If the auction has ended, you should honor the highest ending price, you should NOT try to negotiate the trade higher. After the bidder has agreed, edit the item as “Sold" near the top part of the item page.

The Cap limit is 25k per Character

Just an FYI. Don’t go over 25k or your caps will enter the Shadow Realm. Make a new character to keep the caps coming.

Trade Post Types

The Market 76 Trading Post and Auction House offers you 5 different types of trade posts you can select, all of which expire after 14 days unless otherwise noted. It’s not possible to switch type once your post goes live. The available trade posts are:

  1. Sell
  2. Auction (7 days)
  3. Buying
  4. Exchange
  5. Gift

Exchanges are posts you are solely looking for an item exchange. Gifts are items you intend to give away.

How Can I Contact a Seller?

You may direct message people through the site; in fact, this is the #1 way to completing a trade as it starts the review process. Users will have their in-game names listed on their profiles, along with any other social links such as discord.

How do I Report a Listing/Trader?

If you feel a post is breaking the rules, you can report it directly from its page by clicking on the Report button and writing a reason. The listing will remain active until an administrator checks it out. We strongly encourage you to also Direct Message the Marketron bot on the discord to expedite the review process

What Legendary Effects are Possible?

Don’t be fooled by someone’s post! Know which legendary affixes are possible.

  • 1 star legendaries have 1 prefix.
  • 2 star legendaries have 1 prefix and 1 major
  • 3 star legendaries have 1 prefix, 1 major, and 1 minor

The current max of stars are 3 with few exceptions.

An item can have a star added via a unique mod such as the sacrificial blade for the machete or scorchkiller receiver for various guns

For more info, visit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Market76/wiki/legendary