1. Create An Account!

Create an account to get started! From here, you can edit your profile details to include as much as you’d like. Once you’ve verified your email, you can start listing as many items as you’d like!

2. Browse for items! Filter your search!

You can filter by item types, legendary affixes, platform, and more. You will get special “karma" points for activity on the site! Please note: This is separate from reddit and discord +karma.

List your items with as much detail as possible!

Listing with as much detail as possible increases the chances of selling your item. Someone might be looking for the exact weapon you’re listing, or they’re keeping an eye out for specific legendary effects

You are only able to review someone after having some back-and-forth through messages. Make sure to message them from the post you’re interested in!

3. Buy/Sell! Get Reviews!

Time to sell and offer those newly found weapons & bottlecaps! When you see a post for an item you’d like, be sure to “Contact the seller" from the listing they’ve made. This is to ensure you review them for the item they’ve listed.

4. Share your posts! Start Earning!

Share and wait for buyers to contact you for those sweet sweet caps, straight off the bottle! Feel free to share your posts on https://reddit.com/r/Market76 and! All posts are relayed to the Market 76 discord as well.