PLEASE NOTE: Serums are now being solid exclusively in my vending machine. My camp is located slightly South West of the Top of the World (see picture for location above). If you need an invite to my server or if I am out of stock for a serum you need feel free to message me on here or XB1!

PSA: If you purchase Herbivore or Carnivore drink it LAST! It can bug and may not allow you to mutate using the other serums. 

GT Howlingburrito – Typically available after 4PM EST on weekends; most weekends. Please feel free to message here or on Xbox Live to see if I am around! 

* I have several of each serum and can always make more if you need multiple of one*

Have ALL 19 in stock:

Adrenal Reaction – Positive: Increased weapon damage and health regeneration at low hit points. Negative: Reduced maximum hit points

Bird Bones – Positive: +4 Agility. Falling from heights is slower and safer. Negative: -4 Strength.

Carnivore – Positive: Meat provides double the benefits and no diseases. Negative: Cannot eat vegetables for buffs or food. 

Chameleon – Positive: While crouched, unarmored, and stationary; gain invisibility. Negative: None

Eagle Eyes – Positive: Critical damage +25%, +4 Perception. Negative: -4 Strength. 

Egg Head – Positive: +6 Intelligence. Negative: -3 Strength, -3 Endurance.

Electrically Charged – Positive: 40% Chance to shock melee attackers upon being hit. Negative: Shock deals energy damage to player. 

Empath – Positive: -25% damage taken by teammates. Negative: +33% damage taken by player.

Grounded – Positive: +100 Energy Resistance. Negative: -20% Energy damage.

Healing Factor – Positive: Health regeneration +300%. Negative: Chem effects -55%.

Herbivore – Positive: Vegetables provide double the benefits and no diseases. Negative: Cannot eat meat for buffs or food.  

Herd Mentality – Positive: +2 to all SPECIAL stats when grouped. Negative: -2 to all SPECIAL stats when solo.

Marsupial – Positive: Carry weight +20, improved jump height. Negative: -4 Intelligence.

Plague Walker – Positive: Poison aura scaling with the player’s diseases. Negative: None

Scaly Skin – Positive: +50 damage and energy resistance. Negative: – 25 AP.

Speed Demon – Positive: +20% movement speed and reload speed. Negative: Increased Hunger and Thirst Rate

Talons – Positive: Unarmed attacks deal 25% more damage and cause bleeding. Negative: – 4 Agility. 

Twisted Muscles – Positive: +25% melee damage. Better chance to cripple enemy limbs. Negative: -50% gun accuracy.

Unstable Isotope – Positive: 10% chance to release a radiation blast when struck in melee. Negative: The radiation blast irradiates the player

Please note all of the listed negative are WITHOUT the Class Freak Perk Active.