Welcome to the Spinning Wheel Lounge and Exchange! I am currently only selling, but will also be purchasing in the future! This is my start up. All items farmed organically from the Appalacia. Purchase of legendary item comes with 1 free plan of choosing, see below.

I can meet at 76.

GT Tim Z55

Status: Online

3 Stars Make Offer (Caps/trade)

3* TSE Gatling Gun w/ 250 Damage resistance while reloading

3* TS Minigun w/ 50% Limb Damage and Damage resistance while aiming

3* Bloodied LMG lvl 50 with +10%damage while aiming and 15% faster reload speed

2 Stars 600 Caps

Lvl 45 Vampire Pool Cue with +50% Limb Damage

Lvl 45 Zealots Guitar Sword with 40% faster swing speed

1 Star 200 caps

Lvl 45 AA Cryolator

Lvl 50 AA Combat Shotgun

Lvl 50 AA Ultracite Laser Pistol

Lvl 40 Instigating Black Powder Pistol

Lvl 40 Mutants Flamer

Lvl 45 Vampires Shiskabob

Ammo: ‘

2038 .38 500 caps for all

351 .44 250 Caps for all

434 .50 400 Caps for all

1524 10 mm 600 Caps for all

1188 5mm 300 Caps

1387 Fusion Cell 300 Caps for all

1152 Shotgun 1000 Caps for all

549 .308 500 Caps for all


Nuka Cola Quantum 25 for 7 Caps Each


Black Titanium 168 3 caps each

Lead 218 for 2 caps each (I also have 400+ worth of lead scrap in ore, but ran out of acid) Currently out of stock, but will have more.

Nuclear Waste 100 for 2 caps each

Screws 100 for 4 caps each

Springs 100 for 3 caps each

100 Gears for 2 caps each

Also have less rare junk for 1 caps each

Plans (50 Caps each, unless stated otherwise):

Advertisement Posters – On Hold

Assorted Lights

Backyard Grill

Barn Building

Set Baseball PLayer Statue

Basketball Hoop


Daisy Rug

Domestic Tables 75 caps

Gas Signage

Jukebox 100 caps

Lawn Flamingos

Light Metal Torso

Lion Statues

Metal Diner Doors

Metal Signs

Metal Stools

Modern Paintings

Nuka Cola Machine

Office Couches

Pianos 75 Caps

Pool Table Portable

Toilet Single

Display Shelf

Small Letters Set 200 Caps

Stone Fountain

T-45 Motion Assist Servos

Track Lighting

Warehouse Building Set

Water Filter

Wind Instruments 75 Caps

Wood Tables 75 Caps

Wooden Crate

Wooden Desk 75 Caps

Wooden Patio Chairs

Wooden Stool

Comment below with your GT for the next available sales representative, me.

GT Tim Z55