Price Checks

On our discord server, we have a required format for requesting price checks, done so in the #✔-price-check channel

The format is P: Prefix/Major/Minor/Gear {level if not max} {armor variant} {required: armor piece}

Note: Do not use any slashes if you’re price-checking a non-legendary item.
The required format allows us to easily track and record prices in our database; the latter will eventually lead to automated suggestions!

If done successfully, the Mr. Whitespring Bot will add a reaction representing your platform, like so:

A price checker will hopefully then provide you a price check, simply by mentioning you, providing their arbitrary value and possibly a comment about your item.

Please note: price checkers are volunteers who have 50+ trading karma on the Market 76 discord server. Prices are in flux, so always take them as suggestions!

Once you’re given a price check, you will be tagged along with your item info and value in the #price-log channel, like so:

To easily search all of your price checks given, type the following in the discord search bar when viewing our server:

in:#price-log mentions: your_username#1337

See example below

The Following is for Price Checkers

Anyone willing and qualified (50+ karma) to help people price their items. The following instructions are to be done in the #✔-price-check channel unless otherwise noted.

The format for price checking is: @someone {value} / comment

If no comment is desired, leave out the slash and just provide the value. Whole numbers, numbers prefixed with K (for 1,000), and ranges of either (example: 100-12k) are accepted.

You can re-price any item on the price-log. Simply get the ID number (within the price-log message, below the Value given) and use the following format:


e.g., 1584072623: 10k

You may Remove your own Price Checks from the #price-log Simply add an reaction to the price log message you want to remove—You must be the price checker of the log.

You can price a specific message, whether it is already priced or not. To do so, you must mention the person as always but your price check must be written as follows (3 options):

1) @someone 12k/++636304126849843226 {optional: add comment}

The 18 digit number is a Message ID, learn what it is and how to get it here. You can

2) @someone 12k/++”P: aa/10/15r/plasma gun” {optional: write something about this check}

The text in quotation marks is the exact message you’re looking to target, copy-pasted, no spaces at the end. Because one typo will mess this up, this option is more prone to error. You cannot price a specific message if it’s too old (succeeded by 60 messages).

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