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  • Giveaways – If you wish to genuinely offer items for free, you have the option to do so but consider contacting us first. We would like to start a donation pool, to use for community giveaways.
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The following actions result in a warning (not limited to the following):

  • Begging – Asking for free items or services.
  • Bad Etiquette – Being generally rude, late, or backing out of trades, as well as failing to honor auctions/agreements (not limited to the aforementioned)
  • Spamming – This includes comments, reports, invites, duplicate trades etc.
  • Nonsense Trades – Trades that are messy, confusing or completely unbalanced.
  • Offensive Behaviour – This includes being vulgar, raicist, sexist etc., along with any conversations inciting unnecessary arguments and contempt.
  • Promotions – Self-advertising, promotions of groups, 3rd party media etc. If you wish to self-promote, you may do so in our discord server in the appropriate channel.

The following actions result in a ban, as their solicitation or indirect promotion (not limited to the following):

  • Ignored Warnings/Repeated Offenses – Failure to comply with Formal Warnings from staff.
  • Price Manipulation – Greatly undercutting or overpricing items for views, or to increase/lower the price of an item.
  • Duplication Services – Offering or promoting duplication services.
  • Botting/Scripting – Using bots/scripts to automate actions.
  • Harrassment – Harrassment towards other users or staff.
  • Trust Trades – Trade systems that are solely based on trust.
  • Multiple Account Usage – Using multiple accounts to advertise trades for more views/reviews
  • Referral Accounts – Advertising or linking accounts that forward users to another account.
  • Real Money Trade/Outside exchange – Trading with items, services, favors, currencies outside of Fallout 76.

When reporting another player, please provide clear evidence (for example multiple screen captures or video). The more evidence the better. We can’t take further action without proof. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox are able to capture video footage, please use these features. Many tools are available for PC, such as OBS, NVidia Shadowplay or AMD ReLive.

Keep in mind that videos or several screenshots are convincing evidences that we’re looking for.

One screenshot is usually not enough to clearly identify an offender and only accepted if they’re providing enough evidence. In the case of inventory windows, please make an effort to screenshot the player’s left-most tab in the Trade UI (entitled “Inventory”) showing the offending items.

It is always best to capture as much evidence as possible and screenshots

Please do your best to report all issues to us.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The administration reserves the right to alter these rules at any time.